As a woman ages, her intimate body parts also change. Vaginal walls become thinner, less elastic and dry, and so, more prone to irritation, infections and itching. The labia may begin to lose their volume. Childbirth is another contributing factor to increasing discomfort in the intimate area due to the loss of elasticity of the vaginal tissue. Fortunately, all these issues can be treated using gentle, non-surgical methods. Our clients can benefit from several types of effective treatments which rely on the rejuvenating effect of blood plasma or hyaluronic acid. Plasma therapy and hyaluronic acid therapy promote tissue regeneration and help improve the aesthetic appearance of the genital area and treat scars associated with childbirth. Our clinics perform the following procedures:

  • Injection of platelet-rich plasma created from the patient’s own blood using BCT technology to stimulate regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • Cellular Matrix (a product which combines 20 mg/l hyaluronic acid and autologous plasma in a closed-system device) injections to assist natural skin regeneration and hydration,
  • DESIRIAL® hyaluronic acid injection treatments of vaginal itching and painful intercourse associated with vulvovaginal atrophy,
  • DESIRIAL® PLUS filler injections to restore the labia majora volume and improve the aesthetic appearance of the vulvovaginal area.